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Brett Compton-Brown

Cache-Mump Web Developer
Petrolia, Ontario


Mumps Cache Object Scripts HTML CSS Javascript ASP MS Access PHP MySQL XML AngularJS JSON Ajax

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Intersystems Cache Zen Laboratory system applications HL7 applications Website development Garden Center applications


Compton-Brown Enterprises Inc. was created in 2014 when I decided to leave the corporate world of Laboratory Software Development and branched out on my own as an independent contractor. For the first 25 years of my career I developed and supported the needs of a diverse niche based referral laboratory with Digital Standard Mumps (DSM) and later with Intersystems Cache and other web based technologies (Zen, HTML, CSS and Javascripts). In the course of my tenture at In-Common Laboratories (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) I supported and developed Admission systems, reporting systems (Fax and PDF report creation), HL7 interfaces, instrument interfaces, detail claims submission to Ministry of Health, MIS systems for local hospitals and a Point of Sale to bill patients for non-insured tests. In my spare time, I also created websites for small businesses (e.g. An Artist studio, a Farmers Market and a Garden Center

In 2018 I decided to focus my attention on the broader market of website develepment with emphasis on backend development. Any one can create a static website these days but it requires knowledge and programming skills to create a dynamic interactive site. With this in mind I upgraded my basic website skills (HTML5, CSS3, Javascripts, SQL, XML, ASP, MS Access, PHP and MySql) and developed new web skills in JSON, AJAX, AngularJS, BootStrap, jQuery.

Currently I am supporting/developing backend website software for Garden Centers. This software consist of:

  • Access or SQL database to store, create, modify and delete garden center events and plant information (name, description, habit, zone, price etc)
  • Plant search functions on database (based on AngularJS and PHP/ASP)
  • One click functions to create HTML plant catalogues.
  • One click function to create MS word plant catalogue.
  • Efficient Plant label creation function.
  • Plant label bar code function.
  • Invoicing and Inventory control.
Please E-mail me to setup a demostration.

Work Experience

Compton-Brown Enterprises Inc. Independent Cache/Mumps Contractor. 2014 to current. Sunsetted In-Common Laboratories Laboratory/Billing systems built in Mumps/Intersystems Cache. Supported of HL7 interfaces. Conversion of Laboratory/Billing systems to Orchard/Sage. Support of Cache based Point of Sale website.

In-Common Laboraries Cache/Mumps developer. 1995 to 2014. Support and development of Rubicon based Laboratory/Billing systems. Migrated Laboratory/Billings systems (Rubicon) from Digit Standard Mump to Intersystems Cache. Used Intersystems Zen to create front end dynamic and friendly web based systems while still using backend software. Created Fax/PDF reporting systems. Created a Point of Sale system website to bill patients using Intersystems web technologies. Supported HL7 interfaces.

Angelmanor Creations (now Compton-Brown Enterprises Inc.) Web developer. 2002 to current. Created websites for small businesses using current web technology. Focus on turn-key solutions for clients (creation of forms in conjunction with a database to allow users to update/maintain dynamic sections of their websites). Creation of mobile first websites.


Contract Cache/Mumps developer

  • Interface (HL7) develepment/support your current installation.
  • Software development/re-development.
  • Support for your current installation.

HL7 developer

Web Developer

  • Assistance in registering your domain, ISP selection and website options.
  • Creation of a mobile first website.
  • Support of your current website
  • Conversion of your existing website into a mobile first website.
  • Updating/modifying your website to make it more turn-key with scripting, database accessing and forms.

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